High Powered Motor

I have this motor: Kollmorgen U9M4/U6T

Rated Terminal Voltage: 24.1 v
Rated Continuous Current: 8.7 amps
Peak Current: 72 amps
Continuous Stall Current: 6.8 amps

I would like to control it with an arduino. I assume something like this is what i am after to drive it?


In terms power supply, what sort of adaptor would I need to power a motor like this from the wall with such a high current draw on start up? or are large batteries the best/only option?

many thanks

Hi Dylan,

You could control that motor with this device no problem. You could use a 24v power supply for this. Something like this would be close: https://core-electronics.com.au/156w-24vdc-switchmode-power-supply.html

But we don’t have anything that supplies enough amps. It’s important that your power supply can provide MORE amps than your motor needs. Otherwise, it might burn up.

I hope that helps!

Hey Dylan,

That is a serious motor. Yes that driver looks like it will do the job for you. As to power supply, You should be able to get a DC supply that will do the job.
You will need a Pretty big DC supply but you should be able to get one that will work, the Peak amps for this is at about 1728W and a mains can supply up to 2500(250V*10A). You may even be able to get away with something like the lulzbot supply as peak should only ever be reached in start-up.

Out of curiosity what are you going to be using this motor to power?

thanks very much for your replies. I don’t actually have an application yet, just a very nice looking motor that I want to get going

Have you played with a motor like this before? It is worth noting that they will have a surprising amount of torque so be careful when starting it up, I would recommend adding an emergency stop to any circuit you make.

I would start with the Voltage to the motors as low as possible and slowly wind it up until it starts spinning, putting full voltage into it all at once could be dangerous.