Home automation

I want to add some features in my home automation project first one is that I want to open Garage door Open and close with the help of My phone using Google assistant When i say Open garage To my goggle assistant then The Motor attached to the Garage door turn on and rotate in a direction and when i say close the garage door Then the Motor rotate in the Another direction and the second one is the Dustbin level indicator like when the dusbin is totally filled it send me notification about that and Then with the help of Google assistant and two motors I will be able to send that dustbin outside on a given track and After when its empty i can take it back in home And the third specification i want is to I want to control curtains to be controlled by Goggle assistant

Hi Vishal,

You are pitching about 5 different projects at once here, my first suggestion is to break this into the smallest parts possible and tackle them one at a time.

Generally speaking, if you want to do some home automation controlled by Google Assistant, I suggest you use two services, IFTTT and Adafruit IO. Both of these are free to a point, I’ll break down what they do.

Adafruit IO you can use to connect your wifi capable Arduino boards to the web so you can control it and see the status from anywhere. An Adafruit Feather or Raspberry Pi would work great for this. The Feather or the RPi would interface with your garage door, and you could make a web button on Adafruit IO to press from anywhere to open the garage door.

IFTTT is an applet service that allows you to connect various web apps through the use of APIs. Its super easy to use, and with this you could make an applet that will send a message to Adafruit IO to open your garage whenever you tell Google Assistant to “Open Garage”. Its super capable and can do much more than that, but this is likely the easiest way to get Google Assistant to perform a custom action.

I hope that helps. Let me know how the project goes!