RaspController - Use Your Phone to Control Your Raspberry Pi

Hey all, this is a long overdue forum post for RaspController - Use Your Phone to Control Your Raspberry Pi

Much as the name implies we are going to control our Raspberry Pi remotely using a mobile phone! There are many different ways to use your mobile phone to remotely control and manage any Raspberry Pi and one of the best options out there to date is the phone application RaspController (you can also find it for free in the Google Play Store). Once connected together this application will allow you to control every GPIO port, send commands via SHH to the Raspberry Pi terminal, shortcut those terminal commands so they can be activated using a single click, view images from a connected camera, collect data from different sensors, access all the files/folders and has full PiSense HAT compatibility. It also provides CPU speed and temperatures so you can keep track of the operation of Raspberry Pi Boards remotely.

This is an excellent method to get python codes up and running remotely and quickly through the use of those custom commands. Is honestly just a very intuitive way to control a Raspberry Pi hand-held computer and this guide will show you exactly how to set it up.

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