How do we plug sonar into Bit:bot XL

My grandson & I just purchased the HC-SR04 & Bit:Bot XL. But we are having trouble figuring out how to plug the sonar into the bit:bot.
The first photo show the socket on the Bit:Bot with 5 “holes”
The second shows the 4 pins on the sonar.

How do we plug the sonar in?


Hi Tony,

It looks like you have purchased the wrong sensor for your bit bot. It seems you would need an ultrasonic sensor with 5 pins instead of 4. This is the one that was suggested on our product page for the Bit:Bot XL. I’ve fixed up that link and asked our purchasing team to bring the correct sensor online from our suppliers.

What I can do as a resolution is to arrange a store credit for you and have that sent out if you wish. Please send us an email by replying to your Order confirmation/invoice email and we’ll get a soltuion for you ASAP!