How Do You Connect Multiple Sensors

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I need some advice please on how to connect multiple sensors to an RPi using I2C.

Using my breadboard, I’ve hooked up the DPS310 barometric pressure sensor and written some code to write the temperature and barometric pressure every hour to a CSV file.

I now want to connect the SEN-15112 CO2 sensor as well (ideally to the breadboard for now), and then read from both sensors each hour.

How do I best achieve this please? Do I simply add the SEN-15112 into new rows on the breadboard, and then add jumper wires from the relevant rows of the DPS310 (i.e., VCC to VDD, GND to GND, SCL to SCL, and SDA to SDA), or is that not how things actually work?

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That’s it exactly.


Thanks for your assistance once again @Oliver33.