Eight PiicoDev Atmospheric Sensors, two Raspberry Pi's

Hello again,

I need to get humidity measurements from eight different spots and was thinking I’d use the PiicoDev Atmospheric Sensor and the adapter to suit the Raspberry Pi. I note the adapter supports up to four PiicoDev sensors.

  1. Can I plug four of the atmospheric sensors into one adapter board, so I can get four humidity sensor feeds into the one RPi?
  2. If so, how do I differentiate between each sensor in the Python code so I know which reading is coming from which specific sensor?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Dave,

While the PiicoDev BME280 can be used with either I2C or SPI, our PiicoDev ecosystem is based on I2C (which is why “iic” is in the brand!). Just mentioning that because SPI might be one way to solve this, requiring an extra pin per device (our software doesn’t support SPI though).

It works easiest with up to 2 of BME280 on the same I2C interface, selecting one of the two addresses on the back of the module.

With that said, you could leave all 8 as address 0x77 and use an I2C mux board. A guide is linked on the page. I haven’t tested that, though the Qwiic BME280 examples should work fine with our sensor.

The Mux Library ought to work fine with the PiicoDev libraries as well.


Thanks Graham, I’ll give that a try.