How to connect to 12v solenoid to a 5v ardunio?

I have a 12 v solenoid lock and I wish to connect it to a 5 v arduino, I have purchased a DC to DC step up voltage converter module but I am unsure how to connect this to the arduino? I have used the controlling a solenoid with an arduino on the website. This is the link down below.

Hi Kate,

A Logic Level MOSFET will do the job just fine.

I found this image on the internet which is basically your setup, with the exception of the DC to DC step-up converter. Worth noting that you need that pull-down resistor (the 10K resistor in the schematic) to keep things working the way you expect.

Hi Graham,

Thankyou so much for your help. Just wondering does it matter if I use a Misfit 60V 53A?

Kind Regards,

Kate Cooper

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Hi Kate,

A MOSFET 60V 53A should be fine. The 53A represents the current that it is rated up too.