How to update wishlist

How can I remove an item from my Wishlist?


Edit: Using Android Firefox

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Hey @Kevin48023,

Experimenting on my account, this worked for me once in the account area:


Thank you for your reply but the Android Firefox screen is completely different. I’ll try on my laptop tomorrow.

BTW Graham: Hate the new web site! It’s far worse than the old one. Still as slow as ever but now, eg, cannot sort by ascending price. So many other issues.

Seems to work fine on mobile:


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It’s so darn easy to complain :slight_smile:

How about instead we get some more specific feedback so we can check it out… Can you demonstrate a URL that isn’t interactive in less than 2.5 seconds? Most are interactive in less than 1.5 seconds on wired/wifi internet.

If the first-page load was slow then it’s likely a new feature/improvement (codebase change from our team) that purged the cache. Try it a second time, as that would be “the norm” 99.9% of the time. The cache will rebuild both on demand and in the background for the top 15,000 pages (representing over 98% of user interest).

Live search is always near-instant, as we use a highly optimised approach with Elasticsearch. Full search (when you press enter and view live stock levels and other UX features) isn’t cached. So it can take around 2-3 seconds depending on the complexity of the results.

cannot sort by ascending price

Works for me:

Where does it not work for you?

So many other issues.