New website, feedback welcome!

We have launched our new website, and while we’ve worked hard to make it as smooth as possible, please do post a comment here if you find bugs. There’s also the option to send us an email using the “Feedback” button on the lefthand side (doesn’t appear on the forum theme)


Just in the last few days I have found Core’s website not responding to search queries. Whether I hit enter or click the search glass icon, nothing happens. I refresh and sometimes it works. Multiple days, different searches.

I am using Brave Browser.

E.g. today, I turned on my PC, opened Brave, when to Core’s website. Type in “piicodev servo” in the search bar, hit enter… nothing changes. Use mouse to try an click the search glass icon, not a clickable item.

Hi @Nigel164388,

Great feedback, thanks! If other pages work fine then it’s possible that you’ve hit our WAF rate limit on search. One way to test is to hit F5 on a search page and see if there is a Cloudflare challenge.

I’ll check out the config and see if we can fine tune it a bit better as well.