How to use Solar LiPO Chargers

Aidan just shared a new tutorial: "How to use Solar LiPO Chargers"

Every day, Solar energy bombards Earth with about 173,000 terawatts of power. That’s close to the yearly electricity bill for Planet Earth. Solar energy is free power from the stars. So the question stands, why aren’t we using it more? Price and spac…

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I have dabbled at the edges of electronics etc for many years. The pace of change has outstripped my ability to keep up since the early 60’s when transistors replace valves

I now have 4 X 18650 batteries/cells that were given to me. I read your article and purchased the charger and solar panel. After doing some more reading I now wonder:

  1. if I need to attach a BMS to each of the cells if I charge them in parallel (3.7 volt 10.4 Amp)
  2. can I charge them from solar as a ‘12 volt battery’ (14.4 Volt 2600 mah) and where do I get a suitable solar charger?
    I havent quite worked out what I want to use the batteries for :slight_smile: