How to use the 5v single channel relay module bought recently tax invoice 1000397950

I have taken pics of my train set relays that I have been using. I looked at the numbers on the relay I already have, and the one i bought had the same numbers.
My relay board in place has 5 pins on one end of it.
Which do different functions.
3 pins connect to the sensor unit I have ( see pics) and 2 are a power source connection to put power int the relay.
The new one I bought has only got 3 pins on the end, and I do not know if these will work the sensors.
I also bought a new sound board car from JCar, which I was hoping to connect my sensors nd the relay to the sound board to make them operate.
As this is a new field for me, and I am not trained in electronics,
I would appreciate all th ehelp you can give me.
I am attaching the pics I have taken of all my products, That I hope to run on my model train set.
If these one are not correct, please let me know which ones I should be buying, to make the system work, if possible.
more pics next post
Wayne Douglas
president of Turntable Model Train Club


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Sorry, can’t understand. How is the IR sensor module and relay module connected together? Is there a microcontroller in between?

Hi Wayne,

Taking things back to basics what were you looking to do with your project?
From what I understand, you want to:

  • Wait for a train to go past
  • Have a sensor detect it
  • then play a sound?

or were you looking to switch the tracks?

With the parts you have now
It looks like the sensor and relay module work as a pair, typically the sensors (sometimes going by the name of a ‘IR detection’ sensor).

I couldn’t find too much in the way of ‘nice’ to use IR sensors locally but something like this combined with a microcontroller(programming required) would be needed to set everything up which isn’t the same as the ones you have: RedBot Sensor - Line Follower | Sparkfun SEN-11769 | Core Electronics Australia

The relay modules from Core are great for using with a microcontroller, and while they feature the same relay that you have the underlying circuitry to drive them isn’t the same.

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