I want help to make arduino code

Hi all
I want some felp to make arduino code valve, to move the valve in five step and stopping for five second in between every step.

Hi Mike,

What valve are you using?

I am using Valve positioner, open loop control valve

Cheers, can you share a URL to it?

It is similer like in the link


Hi Mike,

I suggest taking a look at our Arduino Beginners Workshop to get started, as that will help get your feet wet with Arduino and get you going.

Hi Sam

I really tried many time to move the valve but i could not, i hope someone write the code for me.

Yep, that’s why we created the workshop that I linked to. I’d suggest getting used to Arduino as a platform, starting with some basic examples, and then moving on to your desired project.

Can i write the code here and someone fix it ?

If you are a local, perhaps drop in on one of our Maker Open Days and shoot the wind.


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