ICOM Transceiver Bluetooth connection project

Hello, I wanted to investigate the construction and programming of an indicator for an ICOM Transceiver that has Bluetooth connectivity.
There is a project with scant details on “youtube” shown here:
(179) IC705SMeter - ICOM IC-705 Bluetooth S Meter Using M5STACK!! Walkthrough Tutorial - YouTube
What M5STACK part or parts do I need to build this and program it ?
Is the Bluetooth connectivity standard on the M5STACK ?

I think from reading and viewing the video all I need is the M5Stack ESP32 Basic Core IoT Development Kit ?

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Hi Ian,

Welcome to the forum!!

Yeah, from a quick scan through the video it looks like only the CORE module is used along with a USB cable.

All of the M5Stack modules that I have come across feature the ESP32 (base module) that has both WiFi and Bluetooth(both classic and BLE)


Thanks Liam, ill get one in that case and give it a go.