ID01 UHF Rfid Module-Uart SKU: TEL0082

I am having some trouble working out how to create the checksum bit for the above module.
I need clarification of the statement “Checksum is checksum field, the provisions of checksum range is from packet type field to the last byte of parameter field .It’s need to compute the checksum to detect error after the module receives command frames. " that is in the manual”
Thanks in advance.

Hi Lindsay,

Check out this project, there is some code in here for calculating the checksum:

See if that helps out. From what I have read you can calculate the checksum through an XOR calculation.

Thanks Stephen,
I am having trouble understanding the XOR

I have done some more searching to work out how to calculate it.
But it does not work with the examples given in the manual.

eg. A0038200DB tag Id
A0^03^82^00 = 21 Not DB as in the example
Can you tell me if I am doing it correctly ?

After many hours of research I found that it is in fact a Checksum8 2s complement checksum using this calculator

Thanks for your time Stephen.


Hey Lindsay!

Sorry I wasn’t able to help you in the middle there. Troubleshooting doesn’t stop while I’m on my weekend though! Glad you were able to work it out!