Impulse relay

I have a project where I have to control a single relay with multiple parallel momentary push button switches. Operating on 12V DC to avoid voltage drop I am using an automotive 5 pin high current relay near the load (eg spotlight). What I need is to interface the momentary switches with the relay coil, like an impulse relay. Push buttons controlling lighting circuits
Closing of the impulse relay pole is triggered by an impulse on the coil
Having two stable mechanical positions, the pole will be opened by the next impulse
Can be controlled by any number of push buttons.
Core web site has given me quite a few ideas. Would it be possible for you to suggest which would be most suitable from this list.

  1. Pololu 2815 large push button
  2. Pololu 2487
  3. Push button power Rob 08904
  4. 5V 4 channel SKU CEO5279
  5. 5V 2 channel SKU CEO5114
    Please if you have better options let me know.
    I intend to purchase one, test out my idea, then I intend to purchase more.
    I have already purchased from you and have been very impressed with the service. Now I have had a good chance to look through your web site, there are a few items that interest me.

Hi Dave,

These relays will need a constant input of 5v to remain closed. You would need to use a toggle button to achieve this most easily. Press-ON, Press-OFF.

If you use a momentary button I think you are complicating things a bit. You would need to use a latching relay. We don’t really have a suitable one to do the job by itself but we do have this one that could be switched with a momentary button press:

Then it could close a larger relay. Why do that though when you could just use a toggle switch?