Infinity Mirror Table

You may have seen some pictures of infinity mirrors getting around the web. The idea is pretty simple but the effects are mesmorising! You essentially use 1 normal mirror and a 1 way mirror to sandwich lights, creating the illusion of neverending depths filled with lights. The phrase “It’s bigger on the inside” comes to mind when you see one of these mirrors in action. 

If you wanted to make your own you don’t have to create a brand new table or mirror, but you can likely repurpose an older one to give it a fresh sci-fi makeover. 

Check out this from-scratch build of the Infinity Mirror Table for all the steps and guidance you need to create your own:

If you wanted to get some LEDs that would work great for a potential living room upgrade check out this awesome product from Adafruit. As always Adafruit have a number of LED strips available with full, comprehensive walkthroughs on how to use them. 

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