Install digimesh in raspberry pi to upgrade Wireless Frequency sensor

Any best way to install Digimesh software in raspberry pi 3 to upgrade the firmware of wireless frequency meter sensor?
These sensors were first working directly with PCs, now they are directly connected with raspberry pi to connect with firebase but it seems like there is some issue while communication between sensor as well as raspberry pi.
so need advice which will help me to upgrade the sensor through the designed software by installing it in my raspberry pi.
Your leads will be great help.

Hi Hartan,

You can find information about updating the firmware of xbee’s here:

I think it may be windows only software though. As far as interfacing with your wireless frequency meter sensor, I’m not sure how you will manage that. There is no documentation as far as I can tell. It uses Xbee’s inside it so possibly it uses the standard protocols. You will likely need to write your own program to read the device. A python script like this might get you started:


import serial, string

output = " "
ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyUSB0', 19200, 8, 'N', 1, timeout=1)
while True:
  print "----"
  while output != "":
    output = ser.readline()
    print output
  output = " "

Hopefully that helps you get started working out how to use your sensor with the Raspberry Pi!

Hey Thanks for the reply, Is these any changes I have to make in sensor settings also to receiver the data by modifying the code as per my requirement ?

Hey Hartan,

Since that sensor you are trying to interface is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. I’m not sure whats going on in there, your best bet is hope it’s simple serial data outputting from the USB that you can interpret. You can check that with the above code.

At this point you need to plug it in and try it! As far as I can tell the software that it normally interfaces with is Windows only.

If you get it all working be sure to share your project on our project page!