Install for full functionality error

Hi All,
This is an interesting error,
“Install for full functionality”
Place tag near the PiicoDev RFID Module

The RFID tag is read in without a problem , I have the “” in the Lib directory of my PicoW .
as you can see in the Picture, the interesting thing about this , that if you put it in the root Dir, you don’t get that error?.
so the file looks like a library like the , is this the case with the RFID expansion?.

thanks :grinning:


Hi Crash, happy cake day!

This error message is generated by the following code:

Essentially what it does is try and import the expansion library file, and if it can’t (like if it’s in a subfolder), it’ll spit out that error message.

If you’re on a micro:bit you’ll get a different message (hence the != microbit check above this), as the micro:bit doesn’t have enough flash to store the expansion, so you don’t want to prompt a user to try.

I’m not crystal clear on (Micro)Python’s import rules (I’m more of a C man), so I’m not sure why the subfolder is causing the error, you could try just running from PiicoDev_RFID_Expansion import * in the REPL in order to see the uncaught error message.