Installation of Real Time Clock

We have a Raspberry Pi 4 Computer Model B 2G RAM fitted with a Raspberry Pi Relay Board.
We wish to install a PCF8523 Real Time Clock but Relay1 is close to the header and stops the RTC from being installed.
Does anyone have a work around?

Hi John,

Is this the relay board you are using?

with this RTC

They are both I2C devices so stacking the RTC on the Relay board in the correct position should give you the outcome you want.

Yes, that is correct Clinton




Those should just stack on top of each other If you put the relay board on first then the RTC on top (make sure you line it up with the right pins) You should be able to see both devices on the I2C bus.

Please see attached Clinton

Relay 1 fouls the RTC


RTC on Relay Board.pdf (45.2 KB)

Hi John,

I think something like this would be the best way to get the clearance you need.