Case Support for RTC Board

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I have a Raspberry Pi 4 that I have recently commissioned as a server and everything works a treat, but recently the requirements for the server to be offline has grown. I am chasing a RTC board to keep accurate time when not connected to the internet, the easy part is finding the board, the hard part is finding an appropriate case that will fit it.

Has anyone done something similar? My Pi is running inside the Argon One case at the moment and I would really like to keep it as the power button is a must and most cases just don’t come with one.

Hoping someone out there can provide some guidance and recommendations.

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argon could most likely provide an onboard rtc incorporated in the internal hat board… but the battery covered with heatshrink wrapping would most likely have to be lose in the case attached by fly leads and onboard connector…

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Along with @brian86770 's excellent suggestion, I would take a look at using this DS3231 RTC to keep the time.

A GPIO riser should get you out of trouble but will leave the pins open to bumps and such.


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you can make an 6 pin header extender out of a couple of 3 pin singular header rows …easy from an aurdino packet of mixed header straight headers just cut them short into 2x3 .rows for the above mentioned unit