Intelligent access control based on ESP32 and STONE TFT LCD

Brief Introduction

The smart home is becoming more and more common with the development of technology, this article will focus on the security aspects of the intelligent access control project.

This article uses STONE’s touch screen to send commands to the MCU to control the relay and MFRC522 module.

The principle of card reading: by driving the RFID-RC522 module, identify the ID card ID close to the ID card and then determine whether the ID exists in the database of the word typical, ID is the typical value of the word, if the existence of the verification through, and then print out the corresponding name, and then drive the electromagnetic lock in the same way.

Required materials

Realized function

  1. card registration.
  2. username and password registration.
  3. card swipe to unlock the electronic lock.
  4. User name and password to unlock the electronic lock.

Connection diagram

GUI design

Video demo