IoT with LoRaWAN, Pycom, The Things Network & Node-RED

Chris just shared a new tutorial: "IoT with LoRaWAN, Pycom, The Things Network & Node-RED"

In our two previous Pycom articles we covered Building a LoRaWAN Nano Gateway to The Things Network, and creating Your First LoRaWAN Node on The Things Network. In these articles we used the mighty powerful Pycom LoPy (part of the Pycom range) to bui…

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Thanks so much for this tutorial. I am learning about LoRa, and gave a few nodes and a dragino gateway, all working fine into TTN. But like this tutorial I’d like to take a little more control of the nodes using node red.
I am trying to understand if Node red can digest the data from the gateway directly. Lets say I have a node red server… it appears that my gateway can send data to an MQTT broker(?) - so is there any reason why I’d want to go up to TTN then back down again to my LAN (where the gateway and node red reside) when I can just go direct to node red?

If it is possible - what library would I need in node red to accept data in? I get lost in the MQTT broker subscriber options, but the gateway isn’t a subscriber - its a sender… ???

Perhaps Im missing something.

Hey Mart,

Here are some tutorials that should be relevant to the issues you’re having with Node-Red. All the best with it!

Core Electronics | Support

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