New video by Chris; Practical Project Using LoRaWAN + TTN + LoPy4 + NodeRED + Raspberry Pi

New video! In our two previous Pycom articles we covered Building a LoRaWAN Nano Gateway to The Things Network, and creating Your First LoRaWAN Node on The Things Network. In these articles we used the mighty powerful Pycom LoPy (part of the Pycom range) to build two nodes of a LoRaWAN network connected to The Things Network.

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Thanks Chris. Nice tutorial!

@Chris hi, thanks for the video, i have a question, what would be an alternative (instead nodered) to send a downlink message as you did in your video? , or nodered is the easiest way to do that?, thanks

Hi Jairo,
I was new to NodeRed before watching Chris’ videos. What I’ve learned since then is that NodeRed is incredible and it’s options seem almost limitless.

My advice would be to invest a little time and get to know the basics of it. I’m sure that from there you’ll think of other things you can do with it - I know I have and my list of to-do’s with it grows almost daily!!


Hi, mi question is because i am developing a project with LoRa,TTN and AWS , first i was using a tutorial were you take the data from TTN with NodeRED then send it to AWS, but in the web of TTN i found a tutorial were you could link TTN directly to AWS and NodeRED was not necessary, then i choose that option to avoid a lot of configuration and the use of an application (nodered) which did not seem necessary ,big mistake, what happened?, yesterday i was trying to set an alert for the data that i am receiving in aws using amazon cloudwatch but aws only lets you to choose some predefined metrics to set the alerts and if you wanna create a custom metric (for monitoring a value from your data for example) you must do a lot of tricks and i did not find some info about it, now i see nodered is important because you have easy access to your data, i think aws is good to receive and store the data,etc ,even i am using aws to show the data received in an user interface but is necessary to know http and javascript (that is great if you are a web developer but no Electronic Engineer), i dont know if would be easier in nodered, that is my opinion but i would like to read your opinions, thanks

@Jon13024 could you recommend me some article, tutorial, video or book to learn about nodered?, thanks

Im a Civil Engineer, not a developer - as this is my hobby, my learning style tends to be around how to solve a problem that Ive identified rather than learning a whole subject and then applying learnt knowledge. As such I dont have any subject recommendations but would point you to Youtube & Google and do some searches around NodeRed and what you would like to achieve with it.


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