Irrigation Board for Raspberry Pi Pico (CE09461)

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Looking to build a Raspberry Pi Pico based smart irrigation system? The Raspberry Pi Pico Irrigation Board is just what you need! This board allows the…

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There are free GPIOs to connect a UART to receive LORA messages for the opening and closing of the valves

Hi Joaquin
Is that a statement or question?
Cheers Bob

Its really hard to determine if this product is worth the price, no schematic, no instruction manual.
Which pins are used to switch which Mosfets and which pins are spare.

Because it uses Mosfets it can only switch DC voltages. Does it switch GND or +12V, another unknown. If I wanted to use this board I would have to buzz out the circuit tracks to know what to program.

Irrigation systems generally use 24 VAC, because it works better than DC and the higher voltage allows longer cable runs. The Pi Hut says 12V DC solenoids are available from your local hardware store. Maybe in UK but not in Oz.

The Pi Hut have done a very poor job of documenting this product, and the price is excessive for what it does.

Hi James

To do that you would first have to purchase one. Score one for the manufacturer. I have the same outlook, no info no sale.
Cheers Bob

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Hi Bob and James,

I went down the same rabbit hole as I’m sure you both did. Not a lot of great information at all from the supplier. I will chase this up with them and see if we can get some more information from them.


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Hi Sam

Try not to. Like I said, no info no sale
Cheers Bob

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It is a question