Is it possible ? long range wireless video

Is it possible to extend live night vision IR video feed, wirelessly, 300-400m ? 12v & 6 Volt are available.

The solution is to add an IR Illuminator downfield from the camera, to act as an additional source of infrared light.


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I’m not aware of too many off the shelf products for transmitting raw video, we’d need a lot more specs about your device to know if it’s possible.

In this case I think @Erin201358 has bypassed the problem completely, keeping it simple and adding more IR light sources will probably give the best results.

Hi Graham,

What format is your video in?

If it’s an IP camera, long-range microwave ethernet links aren’t too expensive:


Thanks everyone. Yes, It has to be simple as the end user will be farmers. Currently, I am looking at something along the lines of a long range reversing camera. Some claim up to 200m so I’m guessing 100m would be a more realistic distance. Hence the 12v power supply. I’ll have to add a PIR sensor at the camera end as well but don’t think this will work because the devices need to pair which will defeat my purpose (time sensitive activity). Using 12v I don’t want it running 100% of the time as it may have to run all night.

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