Issue loading firmware in Teensy board

I have issue connecting to Teensy 3.6 via Teensy loader ot Tycommander. Only the LED light is bllinking. Attached is photo


Hi Rico,

Im not sure what specifically the error is, do you have a screenshot or a more detailed description. Here are some things however I would go through

Hi Rico,
I have done some research into these. Tycommander seems to be rather complex, I would encourage trying to use teensy’s own software first if you can. Otherwise, when I was using tycommander I did have to press the button on the microcontroller to start the program. I noticed you said it was blinking which means that the blink command has been uploaded at some point. Also, ensure that the correct USB device type is selected in the Arduino IDE, otherwise, your program may not interface correctly.

If you are still having trouble please upload a screenshot of the error message you are receiving in Arduino IDE, also here is a handy video made by one of our team.

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