Teensy 3.2 not uploading sketch


Teensy did not respond to a USB-based request to enter program mode.
Please press the PROGRAM MODE BUTTON on your Teensy to upload your sketch.

I press the button and attempted all manners to get it to work, but no upload.


Hi George-Eric,

The first thing I would check seems silly but it’s caught me out countless times before. Does the USB cable you’re using to connect have the data pins connected? A lot of products sold now come with charger cables that have the pins removed for data but look the same.

If you’re able to use that same USB cable to program a different device then we can rule out an issue with the cable. The next check would be to check if windows Device Manager can see the Teensy board, they typically appear as a USB HID device.


You can see this troubleshooting guideline too: Troubleshooting common problems with the Teensy USB development board