Lathe Motor Capacitor

Hello there, gentlemen!
I’m working on refurbishing an old Pools 4" special lathe; the motor is a Brooks Crompton (I could barely make out the tag), but the sticker is faded, so I don’t know the specs… It is inscribed with the number MH097849.
I need a start capacitor but don’t know what uf rating to use…any suggestions?

The motor is a single-phase 240v single-phase motor.

The motor hums when the power is switched on, but I have to spin the pulley on the lathe to get it going. I believe I’ll need a combo start/run capacitor because there’s just room for one (I have the cap cover and two spade end wires are coming out of the motor).



Is this like a “pass it on” question. I have seen it in at least 2 other forums, maybe more, over the last few months. I answered one of them. It is necessary to find out from the motor manufacturer the required capacitor. Every motor design is different. The motor is probably a replacement as I believe Brook Crompton did not exist when the lathe was made. They exist now so ask them.


Hi Daniel and Alan,

Personally I steer clear of these questions since mains voltage comes into play and I’m far from having any certifications for working with 240V or repairing machines.
If anyone in future stumbles across the topic, @Alan73922 's suggestion of contacting the manufacturer is the best bet or trying to track down a repair manual (I wish the documentation on parts was as good as it used to be) then if possible contacting a repair shop to install the part.