Capacitor for lathe motor

Hey, guys,!

I’m working on refurbishing an old Pools 4" special lathe; the motor is a Brooks Crompton (I could just about make out the tag), but I have no idea what the specs are because the sticker is faded… It is inscribed with the number MH097849.

I need a start capacitor but have no idea what uf rating to use…any suggestions?

The motor is a single-phase 240v single phase motor.

The motor hums when the power is turned on, but I had to rotate the pulley on the lathe to get it going. I suppose I need a combination start/run capacitor because there is only room for one (I have the cap cover and two spade end wires are coming out of the motor).



Hi Daniel,

Being a 240V motor this is definitely worth a call to an electrician. Your safest and best bet in this instance would be to find an electrician in your local area (preferably one with an industrial bent) and drop it off to them. I’m sure they’ll be able to get sorted nice and quickly, and you can be confident that the job’s been done right :slight_smile:


You could contact the motor company Brook Crompton and ask them. There’s no use guessing a capacitor size, they are all different. According to the Internet, Brook Crompton not formed until 70s and Pool 4-inch special made in the late 30s, so the motor is unlikely to be original.
Don’t assume it’s a start/run capacitor, many motors have a start capacitor and centrifugal switch to take it out of circuit once the motor is turning.


Old type washing machines used to do that.
Cheers Bob