LCD as second dislpay

Hi All.
I pulled an old 21.5 inch LCD from a mac that didnt work and wanted to set it up as a second display, I originally board a control board and inverter off ebay . it worked for a while now doesnt.

Is there a way of using the raspberry PI connected to an inversion board etc to wire to the LCD screen,


Hi Brian, Welcome to the forum,

Did you have any photos of the connections on the LCD display so we can try to work out what communication protocol it might use and what translation will be required from the Raspberry Pi to talk to it?

Thanks Trent
Its an LG display Model. LM215WF3 (SL) (A1)

Hi Brian,

Thanks for sending that photo through. Core doesn’t stock any LCD driver boards to interface with LG panels, they aren’t really a generic part.
Ebay probably would have been my first stop for LG replacement/compatible parts too as this one will be using connectors and a communication protocol specific to LG display panels.

As far as I know LG won’t sell parts directly to the public and only distribute to authorised repairers, at least that was the case in my former life as a TV repairman :stuck_out_tongue:

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