Tv controller for old laptop screen

I have several old laptop screens but to use with the rpi s it needs a “controller” that takes the HDMI signal from the rpi4 and sends it to the removed laptop screen from an old laptop.
I did see a universal one with a remote control tho i can not find it now.
They have them on ebay and you send in the numbers on back of monitor screen, eg. [B116XW03 V.1]

a) does anyone know what i am talking about :slight_smile:
b) they are like $50 hoping for cheaper
**C) CAN I MAKE one???
:- like using a zero or micro controller or is it a totally different thing all together?

Hi Ian,

Display drivers like the one you’re after are generally very specialised, and process more data than a typical microcontroller can handle. If you can’t find a driver board for your specific panel online, you’re likely out of luck.

All the best with your search though, and props for reusing old gear!

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Gday Ian,
I just did an Ebay search for the lcd part that you mentioned and there are a stack of em’ on dbay for about $20
Have a look at this ebay item number. 383756364400


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thanks hey

yeah i can search a site to get all the specs for my monitors and recommended compatibles.

looks like ebay is my friend

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Yep they’re $20 US but probably not much more on top. one of the screens had a controller for $17 so might try that.
a guy on video had just 1 and went thru and tested it on each of his monitiors and worked on all but one.