LCD1602 RGB Module, 16x2 Characters LCD, RGB Backlight, 3.3V/5V, I2C Bus (CE07881)

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Adjustable RGB Backlight Color, I2C Communication, 3.3V/5V Compatible. Supports Raspberry Pi / Pi Pico, Jetson Nano, and Arduino…

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Does anyone know if the Waveshare LCD1602 RGB is compatible with the HD44780 instruction set? Including display on initialisation?

I have it working on my raspberry pi 4b using the demo python code, however when I try using it with a project that assumes a HD44780 display, it doesn’t turn on.

Pretty confident that I have set the address correctly, as using i2cdetect, I can see the I2C address is 0x3e, which aligns with the python code 0x7c>>1.

The project is GitHub - probonopd/MiniDexed: Dexed FM synthesizer similar to 8x DX7 (TX816/TX802) running on a bare metal Raspberry Pi (without a Linux kernel or operating system).



Hi Daniel
A couple of years ago I purchased a Waveshare 1602 display (Waveshare number appears to be 19537) which is I think the RGB backlight version of this one in question. I was attempting to use the supposed Waveshare library as on their web site.

I played with this using an Arduino R3 for some days and could get nothing to display properly. Just a load of rubbish with a included just the character blocks described above. I tried printing using a couple of different ASCI codes but to no avail It did come up with some strange characters which I could not identify or correlate with the ASCI codes I knew about.

It went back into its box and has been there ever since. One contributor suggested I try the DfRobot library but I did not get around to it. I opted for a 1602 display with the little I2C adaptor board mounted on the back. Works fine.
Cheers Bob


Hi Dan,

Unfortunately the instruction sets for the displays seem incompatible, but if you’re keen on trying to remix it to use the Waveshare display the userinterface file’s are ready for changing :smiley: MiniDexed/src/userinterface.cpp at main · probonopd/MiniDexed · GitHub

GPT would help a ton here!

We do offer the backpacks used in the project as well: I2C LCD Backpack for 1602 to 2004 LCDs | 018-LCD1602-I2C | Core Electronics Australia


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