Led circuit failing

Hello, new with playing with electronics here, I’ve bought a 3.7v led light strip to put them in some shoes for my nephew, though they charge with a micro usb.

I want to be able to charge them wirelessly and have bought a wireless micro USB charger, though they turn off I plug the qi charger is plugged in. Any ideas what is happening?

Products attached below.

Would be super grateful if anyone could help me understand this.

Hello Seb,

What’s the ratings on that inductive charger (on the part itself they should be listed)? Have you ensured that they’re able to provide more current than the requirement of the strip lights using a multimeter?

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Thanks so much Bryce, I’ve been looking at multimeters but am yet to get one. Will go and purchase one today.

The lights do not turn off when a micro USB cable is plugged into without power.

The lights turn off when charging.

However they turn off when a Qi charger is plugged in the micro USB slot despite the qi charger not being powered.

I wouldn’t mind the lights going off if the charger is charging, but the lights simply don’t function with the micro USB plugged in. Will go get that multimeter.

Input 5v 1000 ma, though the qi charger isn’t even powered and somehow turns off the light!

Hey Seb,

Very interesting, it sounds like there’s some kind of bypass to avoid charging the batteries with excessive current (which would be quite unusual for low power applications such as this) can you please send through some pictures of how you’ve got the connections setup exactly?

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