LED moving lights

I want to create a lighting system with motion sensor and moving light. I only have a LED strip that has two wires (positive and negative). Can anyone suggest how can I do that what components would be required? Appreciate your suggestions.

Without knowing which specific LED strip you have, I don’t think you can do that. You’ll need a LED strip with addressable LEDs to light up the LEDs individually so the strip needs to have a data pin as well, not just positive and negative. I suggest a Neopixel compatible LED strip.

EDIT: I’ve had luck controlling Neopixels and Glowbit using the 5V/GND/GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi, but the data pin only works when connected to specific GPIO pins on the Pi (can’t remember which ones) and you have to run your Python script as root. Not sure about microcontrollers like the Pi Pico.

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You will need an LED strip that is capable of being individually addressed, something like a WS2812 strip would be great. Then using either a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino, you could use a simple PIR sensor as the motion sensor (Adafruit have an awesome guide on the PIR sensors) to make the lights react to movement.


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This works well with ultrasonic sensors too like: Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (RCWL-1601) - 3 to 5V | Core Electronics Australia