Lidar lite v3 - 3D outdoor mapping


I wish to know if the Lidar lite v3 is powerful enough for high resolution 3D outdoor mapping. I would be connecting this to a drone and surveying approximately 1km2. What quality would this topographical map be?

Cheers Alex.

Additionally, I would be flying approximately 40m in the air.

Hey Alex,

Just looking over the specifications for the LIDAR Lite, it looks like you would probably expect a height error of ±2.5cm, and the fact that you’re operating on the upper limit of the laser’s recommended range will probably give you that level of error.
Another thing that will affect your mapping is how often you’re taking a snapshot, if you move your drone slowly to get a denser set of data points, you’ll be able to accommodate for some of this error by applying a smoothing algorithm over your data. Smoothing can be tricky, but I think it will work well for your project.


Hey Ben,

Thanks for the reply. The lidar lite seems to not have any sort of data logging mechanism, so you would have to add one, would you know how this could be done? Im very new to electronics but ive been reading around and it seems people have logged the lidar data using arduino pro minis and UNOs. Have you worked with lidar data before? I would like to how you could extract or calculate x, y, z from the raw data of the lidar lite. X and Y could be pretty simple if its just a bit of trig but not sure about z.

Cheers Alex.

Hi Alex,

There are manuals on the manufacturers website here - there’s no “5-minute getting started guide” if you are completely new to electronics. It would be best to just go one step at a time, and possibly starting with something like an Arduino Kit if you want to learn the ropes.