Linux & Bluetooth LE


Looking to pick up BLE signals on a linux PC running node-red. Is there a well-tread path to implementing this (e.g. does using any BT4.0 dongle with bluez stack work?)?

I know if I switch over to wifi I can use ESP32 on the other end and this becomes a lot easier; I would like to mess around with BLE as long as it doesn’t involve linux surgery or needing to create a piece of one-off hardware interface


Hi Kai,

Seems like bluez is the way to go, others have been using them to interface with embedded gear with decent success:

bluez also has some examples on their git that might also be of use (although they seem to all be in python rather than js/node-red.

Could you put up a bit of info on your target device (or broader project) and what you want to do with it when you get time?
We’ll probably be able to suggest better alternatives with that in mind

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Thanks James!
Eventually looking to put this on a boat (edit: personal project so its boat singular), aggregating remote sensors into a central location. I’ve got a fair bit of design freedom. While I’d like to install a sensor and not worry about it for a few years (e.g. Nordic w/ low power sensors), some sensors consume more power and the ESP32 becomes more attractive, but would have to put a solar panel or something next to the box. The power hungry sensors likely have a higher throughput and wifi probably makes sense.
On the other hand, messing around with and maintaining two SoC families is something I’d prefer not to do. The original query was just a little slice of this picture :slight_smile: