Lipo battery charger and Wind turbine Power Manager


I am keen to see if I can charge a lipo battery and power some basic electronics using the wind rather than solar.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what charger I should use. I am looking at, the following:

I can have read the spec sheets to look at the differences between things like input voltages and charging rates of the lipo batteries in amps. I know I should be looking for a decently matched motor with low starting torque, so not too heavily geared.

Is there something fundamental that I am missing whereby these solar chargers will not work at all with the DC voltage generated from a 6-volt motor? It seems like the adafruit options would only work with a 6-volt motor, but that the more expensive Sparkfun MPPT option would open up the possibility of a 6-volt or 12-volt motor.


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Hi David,

While personally I haven’t implemented the setup you’re looking at, a few others on the Adafruit Forum are looking at doing it as well. They’ve also worked out how to prevent the motor from sending too much voltage to the charge controller using a Zener diode, as the Adafruit one musn’t exceed 7V apparently. A really interesting read! …and confirms that you’re not alone in wanting doing this.

Sorry I couldn’t provide anything more concrete, maybe someone else here has done this?

Good luck with your project!

Hi James,

No your response is really great!

Thanks so much,

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Hi David, I have used a Fangpusun solar regulator with my Aerogen wind turbine. This is a PWM type regulator as I believe an MPPT would keep stalling the turbine. Also this particular regulator short circuits the generators output when the battery has reached fully charged. Shorting the generators output stops the turbine. This was based on advice from the very helpful crew at Windpower. Also worth looking into, is using a dual positive bus if you want protection for your lithium battery. I’m heading over to the Adafruit forum to catch up on that thread, thanks for the link James.

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