Lipo Battery Charger Circuit

1st Time I’ve posted here so please be kind.
I want to use a Qi charging system to be able to charge a 18650 2600mAh Lipo battery, (SKU CEO4624) through a LIPO charger like SKU CEO8374. I then want to run a series of led’s from the battery. Can i connect these to the charger. Rough diagram if it helps.




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Hi Richard, Welcome to the forum!

You can certainly power LEDs from the 3.3V regulator on the board if you don’t want changes in brightness due to the battery slowly draining.

Powering a string of many LEDs can be a little difficult though, see my post here:

How many LEDs were you needing? What colour were they (a hint to get an idea of the forward voltage)

Thanks for your reply John,

Looking at maybe using 3 x 5mm LED’s clear white.

Specs for these are:

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