Powering 12v LED strip (non-addressable)

Hi there,

With reference to the following thread: https://forum.core-electronics.com.au/t/using-batteries-to-power-a-12v-led-strip-light/205:

I am making a similar thing - but I need 2m of LED strips, and I need to power for 4 hours minimum (6 hours better).

I’m assuming that AA batteries will be insufficient.

If I use LiPo, what ‘regulation circuitry’ will I need? What is the ‘special charger’ that I need?

Or is it best just to go off mains?


Hi Martin,
I wouldn’t recommend using battery power for LED strip lighting. The voltage in a LiPo will vary depending on the available charge in the battery which will give you a changing brightness as the battery wears, plus you will need monitoring circuitry to ensure you don’t damage the LiPo and other components.

Even a big 6000mAh LiPo battery would only power a 2m LED strip for less than 2 hours at full brightness. Mains is well and truly the best way to go.

If mobility is imperative, a sealed Lead Acid battery is a more cost-effective way to get a high capacity battery for this kind of task

otherwise go for a mains supply

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