LiPo Battery Pre-Charging

Hello there. I was just wondering. With most Li-Po batteries you need to charge them (usually for several hours) before your first discharge of them. Is this the same for the ones made by Core Electronics, specifically this one .


There’s no need for a special ‘pre-charge’ for it. The reason for the whole ‘pre-charge’ notions usually comes from the fact that LiPos aren’t shipped fully charged, and using them in that condition can over-deplete them.

If you use a proper LiPo charger, it will stop it when it’s been fully charged. But you definitely want to make sure it’s either fully charged when you use it, or use a battery monitor to ensure it doesn’t become over depleted.

Thank-you very much , i will hook it into the powerboost 1000c before I use it for a few hours just to make sure its all fully charged.

Yep, that’s the best way to be sure. The powerboost chargers probably have my pick for the ultimate ‘swiss army knife’ product. They’re just so versatile and well designed.