Lithium battery to power Ubiquity Unify AP AC Pro

Hi, I am looking to buy a battery to power the ubiquity unify AP AC Pro (48V, 0.3A). The technique I have seen uses a 12V battery and a step up transformer. Please could you advise a suitable battery for 3 hours + usage? I also would hope it could power a Raspberry Pi 4 connected via it’s USB connection (the two communicating via ethernet cable). If the Pi needs its own separate PiJuice that is fine. Thanks in advance

Hi Jez,

Interesting problem, my suggestion would be to create a custom battery using 18650 cells and a BMS to safely charge/discharge, then you can get to the voltage and current ratings you need without having to use a step-up transformer. It’d take a fair amount of planning first to ensure that all the ratings for the parts match up, but should be a viable option.

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