Looking for a Makerspace with a 3D CNC router

Hi Everyone,

If you know of a Makerspace or commmunity workshop in NSW with a CNC Router able to produce 3D shapes, please let me know.

Here’s what I mean by “3D”:


Hey Jacob,

Where abouts are you in NSW? Theres a bunch of makerspaces all along the coast that may have the equipment required to help you out, hopefully we can narrow it down for you to find something local?


Hi Jacob,

I’m not aware of any maker spaces who would have a 3-axis router or mill. There are quite a few around with 2-axis CNC laser cutters like the Lake Macquarie Library FabLab. If you aren’t able to locate one with a 3-axis machine you could try cutting the sheets as individual pieces and layering them. It’s far from a perfect alternative but may work in a pinch if you workpiece isn’t too tall or requiring too much resolution.