PCB Milling using CNC Router

Hi, has anyone successfully managed to create pcb’s with a CNC router. I’ve just purchased the precision bit .2mm from core electronics and hoping this will work. My other attempts have not been successful so far with 1mm end mills. I’d love any tips and tricks. I’m using Fusion360 electronics and easil as a post processer. I’m a newbie and keen to learn.

Thanks in advance,

Scott Walton

Hi Scott,

This is definitely something we can look into, a few guys in our production team looked into this a while ago with a Bantam mill, I’ll ask around, but hopefully some other community members can chime in.

My experience is that PCB milling comes into its own when you need to do rapid prototyping of a board and wait hours instead of days to get the finished product out of China.

P.S. Don’t put your email in your posts, I’ve removed it this time, but you definitely don’t want it falling into the wrong hands (it’s a public forum)

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