Looking for low operating AC voltage EL panels

Hi there, I am looking for low operating voltage EL panels. Core Electronics offer Adafruit EL panels that last for over 25,000 hours which is amazing for EL panels. My problem is that I am restoring vintage Sony Walkmans with old EL panels. As these Walkmans are very old, nearly 30 years old, their inverters can vary in output AC voltage widely, from below 50 V to 86 V. I need high quality, long lasting EL panels that can handle greater AC voltage range. Adafruit EL panels have operating voltage of 60 V to 250 V which great. However, I am a bit concerned that some Walkmans won’t be able to use Adafruit EL panels as they can have their inverter AC outputs below 60 V (even going down to 40 V range). It would be great if someone can point me or Core Electronics into a right direction for finding suitable EL. panels. Cheers!


Good morning Hiroshi,

Welcome to our forum! I’m just writing an answer to your question in the forum post I’ve linked below for you, so I’ll archive this one to keep all the responses in one place. Interesting project, I’m excited to see what it looks like when it’s done.