Very bright EL panel

I purchased an EL panel that is run from 2 x AA batteries. Unfortunately it’s not bright enough. I’m wondering if I can change it or get something else for my purpose.

Basically I’m looking for something like this, that works like a light box through paper. It doesn’t have to be the same size or dimmable (though both options would be good).

Is my problem just the power source? Can I get a AC plug with an inverter to pump up the brightness? Any suggestions appreciated.

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Hi Damen,

I don’t know that I’d ever consider EL products very bright, most are limited to a soft glow at best due to the way the technology works and the very high voltages required.

We aren’t able to source any EL panels as large as the one you’ve linked, but you might be able to DIY something similar using LEDs that comes close to the same effect.

I’ve linked a video below with a demo of a single LED incased in acrylic to show you how much brightness you can get with minimal power draw.

With the right diffusion medium one or a handful of LEDs and some DIY assembly might be able to replicate the large EL panels effect for a fraction of the cost.

There is also an RGB controllable version.


What is your power supply? Are you using this pocket inverter?

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Yep, that’s the one I’m using.

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Thanks for these Trent. What type of light do you think my linked one is? EL?

The size isn’t such a problem - I’d be happy with the 10 x 10 size that I’ve got, however brightness, thinness, and a bit of flexibility are the key things. Unfortunately the LED doesn’t look like it is quite so thin or flexible.

Hi Damen,

The slight pink tinge to the light makes me think EL (pink is used to counteract the natural blue colour of the phosphorescent material in EL panel to make white).

What is this going to be used for? I’d just suggest a normal artist’s lightbox if it weren’t for the flexibility requirement.


Thanks for your reply. The use case is the same as in the link. Sliding it between pages in a book. Because of the fragility of some books, the thinness and flexibility are key characteristics.