EL Wire, and it's power consumption

Hi, I have a few questions about EL Wire, basically I was wondering, how much power is consumed by one, 1 meter strip of EL Wire and what i would need to power something like 25 metres (In short 2 metre and under lengths.)
thank you for any help!!

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Hi Maddie,

I found an excellent guide page that goes into everything EL-power-related:

The short story is that you need ~1.5W of 100VAC per meter of EL wire (that high voltage AC of a specific frequency is why you generally need an “EL inverter” as opposed to just an AC or DC plugpack.



ah okay, thank you for this! I was wondering how much amperage it would need at 12 volts dc (with a 12v ballast/inverter), you wouldn’t happen to know how much it would be would you?

Hi Maddie,

The high brightness EL wire from Adafruit uses around 1.5Watts per meter as James said and the standard EL wire uses 0.9Watts per meter.

The power consumption will be the same throughout the circuit, the voltage and current will just vary accordingly. So using Ohm’s Law you can calculate the current if you know the voltage.
So if the wire uses 0.9Watts at 100Volts it will draw 9mA on the high voltage side.
0.9Watts at 12Volts will draw 75mA on the low voltage side.

EDIT: I am assuming perfect efficiency and no losses here but the point remains, just assume a bit less at the output to account for losses.


yup awesome, thank you all for your input, now just time to find a slim el wire inverter… :thinking::thinking: