LoRa Frequency in Australia 915MHz?

I have been trying to read up on using LoRa communication and have read that Australia only allows you to use the frequency band 915MHz. I am only just starting out learning about LoRa so correct me if I’m wrong but this LoRa Product that is set for 433MHz isn’t legal to use in Australia?

Or am I completely misinformed and confused about the 915MHz Requirement mentioned here?

Is single LoRa to LoRa communication fine at any frequency, however when you use a LoRaWAN gateway then you must only 915MHz band?



LoRa is just a modulation method, much like your classic FM or AM radio, though invented in the last couple of years. The main outcome of LoRa modulation is long range radio communication that uses very little energy (1-3KMs in urban is normal, 10-20KMs line of sight)

With that in mind, there are many products that simply use LoRa modulation, on a single channel, to send/receive data.

LoRaWAN is basically a collection of notes by smarter-than-average people that were compiled into a standard, which allowed tens of thousands of LoRa-compatible devices to operate in a Wide Area Network (WAN), without any issues. Hence the name, LoRaWAN.

LoRaWAN devices are often the preference - they typically have bigger/better product design teams and a very polished software/hardware stack. Such as LoPy4.

LoRaWAN in Australia operates between 915-930Mhz, and the region codes (used for software setup) are either AU915 or AS923. Region code setup is often just a line of code, from that point forward the way LoRaWAN is used is common for all devices. Lots of intel out there, hopefully, this helps bridge some gaps.


With respect to 433MHz. According to what I have found; transmission is permitted for low power short duration. Like a garage door opener. (wading through the ACMA regulations can be quite tedious) Another says it is used by walkie talkies sold in many stores. One chart says military another says Radiolocation. The spec lists 20dBm which is 100mWatts. Low but a reasonable amount of power.
The device listed by Core Electronics is also sold by other Australian stores, if it was illegal it would be withdrawn from sale. (one hopes)
But always wise to do your research before transmitting, as stiff penalties exist for misuse of the spectrum.

I’d go with what Graham said. 915 to 930MHz



We support startups and individuals building products for a global market, there are safe ways to go about the use of components, modules and electronics like this, just as other aspects of hardware such as voltage, current and EMC which are more easily understood (though can get complicated quickly depending on your experience).

In AU, LoRaWAN is best kept to AU915 and AS923, especially if you want to build a consumer product to take to market in this region.


Is there any difference between US 915MHZ and AU 915mhz?

Hi Grald
Probably only the use of upper case (MHZ) and lower case (mhz). I think it should be a mixture ie; MHz. In my humble opinion I think 915MHz would be 915MHz wherever in the world you are.
Cheers Bob

Hi Gerard,

The Things Network uses different frequencies for their channels but unfortunately, both are referred to as AU 915 and US 915 despite being different.
There is a listing here that includes the specs of each channel within the bands.

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