Lora network without Lora Gateway

As shown in image,

Q1) Is it possible to broadcast message from Lora Node S to all Lora Nodes A,B,C, D and E?
Q2) Can Loara Node S be programmed to act as server to receive data from all other nodes?

Each of Lora Node has sensor whose data will be sent to Lora Node S, then Lora Node S process data from Arduino and send back command to all Nodes to operate relay.

I want design small system without Lora Gateway and it will work offline, Lora Node S control all other Nodes and also Receive Data from them.


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LoRa is just the physical aspect of the technology (modulation and hardware).
It definitely is, depending on the implementation of LoRa you opt for: LoRaMAC (which doesnt attach any extras to the information like the address) or LoRaWAN (which requires a gateway to be used) or PyMesh (a spin off of LoRaMAC to be used in a mesh network configuration which you might benifit from here).

The Lora modules themselves are usually set up like a grey box in that you would set the frequency and then messages to transmit and it will perform those actions and nothing more. Usually they are paired up with a microcontroller like an Arduino, ESP32, Pico etc to handle the intermediary tasks like interpreting the sensor data and power management.


Thanks for reply.
So using arduino, can we broadcast message from one lora node to all other lora nodes?


Hi Mr Nams,

Yeah, depending on the type of network you opt for the code will change. Do you have your eyes on any particular module? Most of the modules these days have some examples and libraries to get your started, simply searching the name of the chip you have and the microcontroller you are using should get some results.

Also be sure to double-check the compliance in your country and make sure the frequency you broadcast on is allowed.


Thanks for reply, I am thinking of broadcasting from one " LoRa SX1278 433Mhz Long Range RF Module" to many " LoRa SX1278 433Mhz Long Range RF Modules"

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