LoRa Radio Module - 868MHz (TEL0115)

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LoRa Radio Module is a type of long range low data rate data radio modem based on Sx1276 from Semtech. It is a low-cost sub-1 GHz transceiver module designed for … read more

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How do you change the default baud rate ? The principles for the MESH network does not appear to work for the point to point, and is there any other information about this module ?


There isn’t a whole lot of info for these modules, which is why Pycom hardware is instead a part of our Maker Favourite range (lots of guides, and great open source libraries to use). I know that doesn’t help a lot for your situation, and hopefully someone else can pipe in if they have experience with these boards in particular.

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@Eric65038 I know it’s a few years down the line and I can’t help much, but looking at the linked datasheet, on page 10 there is a reference for “AT commands”. There is a command listed to set the Baud rate.

It’s been almost 10 years since I did anything useful programming modems via AT commands, but in theory, it’s just normal data on the serial link, with special meanings. A google search on “Programming modems with AT commands” or similar should yield something useful.

Apologies if I told you anything you already know.

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