LoRa MESH Radio Module - 433MHz (TEL0114)

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LoRa MESH Radio Module is a high performance, low power, long-range micro-power RF module, using a distributed ad-hoc network communication mode, embedded wireless … read more

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Hello. We need to count pulses coming from a meter with a reed switch and transmit to a PLC. Would this unit do the job?

I’m sure it could, though the same goes for pretty much anything that is programmable. A more modern option would be LoPy4

These looked promising, the implication is that the module has mesh protocol built-in.
There are a few attempts at coaxing ordinary LoRa modules to mesh, mostly dead ends. Has anyone built a working system using these things?
The datasheet is woefully deficient, but https://github.com/Arduinolibrary/LoRa_Wireelss_Modules_YL seems to be the ‘root’ example of it, as both Mouser & DigiKey refer to it. No
Maybe better just to ignore these oddball things and use PyCom?